Shih Tzu and Japanese Chin Rescue

Royal Oak, Michigan

Who We Are


Shih Tzu and Japanese Chin Rescue is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt Non-Profit Corporation.   We are happy to provide you with copies of documentation at your request.

All of our workers are unpaid volunteers.

We bring in dogs from shelters, dogs found as strays, and owner surrenders.  We do not have a shelter. All of our dogs reside in foster homes until they are adopted.  We do not euthanize unadoptable dogs -- they are kept in foster care until they are adopted.

Our primary mission is to rescue senior and blind Shih Tzu and Japanese Chin dogs.  We feel every dog deserves a loving home and a second chance, and the love they return is unmatched.

Some of our foster dogs are not adopted because of advanced age or special needs.  In that event, we seek sponsorship donations to assist with their care costs.

Please visit our Sponsor Page if you would like to sponsor one of our special needs dogs.